Signing Off…

Welp the time has come to sign off on the ol’ f’n blog, I never wanted to make money off of this, although the potential was there, I created this Blog for the everyday hero of the ski hill, to feature people of everyday skiing that were just amazing, and my own personal battles, whichContinue reading “Signing Off…”

The Effects of The East Coast Thaw

Okay so let’s just say it, this winter sucks, it’s terrible on the East Coast right now, it’s disappointing to say the least. Mother Nature has not been kind, her punishment to the East Coast seems too swift and harsh, what did we ever do to deserve such a harsh punishment, and why punish us,Continue reading “The Effects of The East Coast Thaw”

Skiing Obstacles, the Battle Between Physical, and Mental

I’ll be honest, that picture above was from the beginning of last season, I struggled a lot, mentally, Physically I was in the best shape of my life, Mentally I was a mess, I knew as soon as I got into the groove, I would be happy, but it was a struggle just to packContinue reading “Skiing Obstacles, the Battle Between Physical, and Mental”

So You want to buy or run a ski resort huh? Think twice

One could only dream of running ski area right? Defunct resorts live all across us, and the dreams of “if I had the money I would flip that place around” Do we really know what know what goes into running a mountain? Most GM’s or owners will tell you it’s tiring, it’s exhausting, and while,Continue reading “So You want to buy or run a ski resort huh? Think twice”

Skiing; Don’t Take Yourself too Seriously

You know most of us learn from lessons and within those lessons we developed our own style, our own toolbox and our own instincts of what to do and what not to do, we know the ins and outs and the rules, but who doesn’t love to break rules? I am a born rule breaker,Continue reading “Skiing; Don’t Take Yourself too Seriously”

Mid-Atlantic Moments

So are you serious Mr. Hardcore skier? Why in the hell would anybody ski the Mid-Atlantic? Well, here is what I experienced, perhaps the mix of people, skiing, crazy weather, amazing mountain ops teams, and that parking lot apres will change your mind, these skiers are hardcore, dedicated, and downright ski some shady gnarly shit,Continue reading “Mid-Atlantic Moments”

Whaleback, How a New Hampshire Community Saved a Mountain

The History of Whaleback Mountain So I first learned of Whaleback Mountain from a podcast Tim from Ski Rex Media did with new to role Executive Director Jon Hunt. After Tim’s interview, I had so many more questions, I won’t go too deep on where the Mountain has been or it’s trials in the past,Continue reading “Whaleback, How a New Hampshire Community Saved a Mountain”

Dude, Where’s My Stoke?

You, Lose All Stoke, WTF? What Happened So In this edition of skiingwithnofilter, I question myself this season, with the question ”did I lose my stoke”, ”Do I just not care anymore” wtf happened? Well the answer to that maybe more then you think, I am a sufferer of depression and anxiety, and I’ll tellContinue reading “Dude, Where’s My Stoke?”