Mid-Atlantic Moments

Bear Creek Mountain Resort in Pa

So are you serious Mr. Hardcore skier? Why in the hell would anybody ski the Mid-Atlantic? Well, here is what I experienced, perhaps the mix of people, skiing, crazy weather, amazing mountain ops teams, and that parking lot apres will change your mind, these skiers are hardcore, dedicated, and downright ski some shady gnarly shit, so looking to beat the summer heat? check this out as we go skiing with no filter.

Unfortunately the late Elissa Williams, and me, Elissa was part of the original @skirexmedia crew, mid-atlantic division from Fairfax, Va

The People

So the mid-atlantic skier is die hard, I know your like whatever, I will tell you from growing up in the Pocono Mountains in PA, I considered myself Northeast, yup a #snowsnob, shunning anything below that Pocono line. They possibly could not have the same superb snowmaking conditions that the great Pocono Mountains have with it’s annual snowfall of 50 inches of snow a year. How dare they! Well, ignorance is bliss, turns out from skiing one trail to 30, from a 2 inch base to 60, to the ribbon of death, to a parking lot apres, the people and mountain ops are miracle workers, going from green grass to opening day in less then 72 hours, these mountains are just amazing, mountain ops, teams of 5 snowmakers or less in some instances, this past season at some resorts, the results are astounding and an ode to the employees and mountain ops, that keeps our season going year after year.

How the hell, did you get hooked up with these people?

Well, you know me fuckn around on twitter one day with the ski peeps, met a guy from a different part of PA, I’ll say South Central, his handle on twitter and insta ”Scooter” you see we can of ran around in the early days of the mighty @skirexmedia on twitter, he would ski his resorts, I would ski mine, we would chat by twitter from the chairlift, and boom, one day I show up at his resort, I did meet Scooter before that not related to skiing, but what I found was a small resort like most Pa resorts, but the people and the crowd made all the difference, it was like one big happy family over there, and the people and constant dedication to the die hards will always win.

The Terrain

While most people will pride themselves skiing the bumps on superstar in Killington in May, I will say try Minuteman at Roundtop after 1 hour of opening all chewed up and bumpy after a re-freeze, then head over to gun barrel for the encore, a steep headwall with the guns blowing in your face, steep and deep, hell the damn groomer can’t even go that far, if that isn’t enough head 40 minutes south near the Maryland border, and try that out, unbelievable, bump skiers, steep skiers, and tele skiers, just amazing, and yes these people head north, west, whatever, but the conditions they face on a daily basis, is one that anybody would question on any normal day.

So what makes the Mid-Atlantic so Special?

Won’t name any names here until I have permission, but representing south central Pa, Maryland, and Virginia

They take what they get, from a re-freeze to lifts that are never on hold, from skiing under the sun, to night skiing under the stars, from taking trips up north, to trips out west, these my friend are individuals that can ski anything, from ice, to mud, to sludge, from tuning skies from every other day, to turning patty melts in the parking lot, to doing shots of fireball on the lift and enjoying whatever you got in front of you, you learn a certain appreciation for what they will go get, oh and after the resorts close, they uphill it, if conditions weren’t bad enough most of the time, yup they uphill, from skinning state parks after a snowfall, to sliding down the local hill, to ski with this crew is the elite, the ultimate, I always said surround yourself with people that are better then you, and you will always learn, that phrase has not failed me then, nor does it to this day.

The Move

Well, I moved to be with my girlfriend, and her children, in South Central Pa, not only that but I was proud to be among the teachers of a non-skiing family to a family of skiers in New Hampshire within just a few weeks, the conditions in the mid-atlantic teach people to be prepared for whatever comes, shout out to the East Coast Ski Chat Peeps, I am not a rich man, but to outfit 4 people with gear and passes well you know, these guys got these kids on snow, for that I am forever grateful they loved it, shout out also to @jonhunt11, @whalebackmtn, @sprintnski, @skirexmedia, @tully03830 and @kendalllehman who took these kids from the bunny hill, to the blues in one season thank you to the Mid-Atlantic, for teaching us apres, for teaching us patience, and for teaching us whatever to ski whatever comes our way. With that I leave you with these memories……..

The Fam
Me and the mighty and Tim from the mighty @skirexmedia @whalebackmtn
@kendalllehman aka ”pops” thank you so much🙏🏻

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