Signing Off…

Welp the time has come to sign off on the ol’ f’n blog, I never wanted to make money off of this, although the potential was there, I created this Blog for the everyday hero of the ski hill, to feature people of everyday skiing that were just amazing, and my own personal battles, which the response was overwhelming, I cant but think it’s been 3 years, but I’m gonna move on to the next chapter whatever it may be, there are many publications that do this same thing without me in the picture, subscribe to Mountain Gazette, it is incredible, follow of course @skirexmedia and @skibumpodcast on twitter, anyone who I ever believed in knew I was always an anonymous sponsor, and will continue to be, thanks #skitwitter for always being there, albas, @skibumbumpodcast, @skirexmedia, @sprintnski @stormskijournal and Bski and Tully, damn they were some good times, not everybody had agreed with me, not everybody was on the track as me, but one thing that was to bring us together was the love of skiing, some of my earliest friends were @tormeytrish and @tormeyl @sprintnski @kendallehman thank you for sharing your love of the sport, and to my one and only Lori, who saw me through thick and thin, I could not love a woman more for loving me more or putting up with my bullshit, I got the web hits, I got the likes, the next chapter is yours, it was never mine it was yours, to feature everything from mental health, to the bunny hill, to the park, to the cliffs, we were there, all the way no turning back, the next adventure awaits you and I, and it’s your story to tell…..signing off for the last time, while bittersweet, it was well worth it….


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