The Effects of The East Coast Thaw

Okay so let’s just say it, this winter sucks, it’s terrible on the East Coast right now, it’s disappointing to say the least. Mother Nature has not been kind, her punishment to the East Coast seems too swift and harsh, what did we ever do to deserve such a harsh punishment, and why punish us, snow sports are a continued outlet for people, and if you take that away, ughh it gets rough, real rough, for some it’s a one and done sport, for others it’s in tune with our heartbeat, the saying “skiing is life” holds true for the majority, how much more disappointed, and disgusted can we get with this winter before we are at our breaking point? For some of us including me, we are already there……

Is it Really that Bad?

Well, yes and no, it is what you make it right? Let’s put it like this, we have a very small window to ski every year here on the East Coast, then we wait, and wait, and then fall hits, the first frost, the first snow guns go off, we get engorged with adrenaline, we start waxing, tuning, putting the ski racks on, maybe some of us got new gear, the excitement builds and builds, we get a few cold weeks, we see the first flakes, and we know it’s time, it’s time to get out there, time to let loose for what we have been waiting for, and then a warm-up, then a re-freeze, I remember skiing one of the worst winters in the 2015-16 season, I was skiing Jack Frost, I believe one or two trails open in the middle of January, most mountains closed or just a few trails, nobody out there except for the die hards, we felt that some turns were better then no turns, where is that attitude now? Okay you got me there, but hey Mother Nature didn’t take us on the roller coaster ride, we knew what we were getting. But yea most resorts are well above the two mark, colder temps are rolling in, and back out, and back in, but I should be more grateful for we are skiing right now rather then what we are not.

The “Skiwakening”

So let’s face it, personally I have lived in Northeast PA all of my life, when it gets cold, it stays cold, that was my belief, and that was my first mistake, if we look at historical data it’s always been up and down, and then Moving to mid-atlantic Pa It’s still up and down, I am right now on vacation, and last night I was down right miserable, I ski all vacation normally, so I woke up to a coating of snow for my first day of vacation, driving the snowy hills to the mountain, and I started ripping from first chair, the excitement returned, all anxiety gone, what I did see was the people that made this happen, all of this snow I was skiing on was due to Mountain-ops making snow when it was good, and pushing it around when it got bad, we owe a lot to these selfless individuals behind the scenes who make this magic of first chair happen every morning, so we can ski as individuals, as families, as friends, as peers, as nothing more then lovers of sliding on snow.

So What Did We Learn From This?

I learned that Mother Nature was just a small part of the obstacle this season, the biggest part was myself, I let myself get so worked up I had to go ski to learn to appreciate it again, honest, selfish, accountable, call it what you will, what I did learn today was you better get it, before it’s gone, What is there today to ride on maybe gone tomorrow, and any day, on any terrain, on any condition is better some then none at all, and thanks for all of the stoke from the twitter peeps some followers, some not, I posted my shitty mood, and the level of stoke from east to west to from around the globe was unreal, but this is why the snow sports community is so great, when one of us falls the others are always there to pick us up, and if that is not one beautiful thing to realize when you made yourself forget, they are always there for the reminder, a shout out to those people who picked me up, and I will return the favor, believe that… what are you waiting for? go get it🥶🤟⛷

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