So You want to buy or run a ski resort huh? Think twice

One could only dream of running ski area right? Defunct resorts live all across us, and the dreams of “if I had the money I would flip that place around” Do we really know what know what goes into running a mountain? Most GM’s or owners will tell you it’s tiring, it’s exhausting, and while, the perks may be there, are you ready to run a ski area? Well let’s take a look from a different perspective, how about the financial impacts, and safety, and taking care of your employees, or if your a CEO watch out for that return on investment, things get hairy quick.

How bad could it be?

Well, from my years finance, I will tell you that a bottom line goes two ways, it’s better known as “underlying operating profit”, or “ROI” return on investment, you could be in the red “bad” or in the “black” good, its when all expenses are paid such as electric, payroll, insurance, licenses, and etc…. Down to the utensils you use to flip the burgers, everything cost money, items, labor, insurance, efficiencies, they all play a part, and snowmaking is really expensive, not too mention the fear of making payroll every week, you will have a budget, and have to live by it, if you don’t make it one season, you’ll have to figure out how to make it up by the end of season, will summer operations cover it, it? Maybe? Lets have a look as we go #skiingwithnofilter

Could it be that bad?

Yes it can had a great snow year, everybody is rambling over the bottom line, have bad snow year, your “in the red” now we have to make it plus the year before and if we have another bad year, we borrow or request more money, and the snowball keeps rolling. How do we make it up? Who knows money doesn’t grow on trees you know🤷‍♂️

I Have a headache already

To tell you the truth you should, the licenses, the lawsuits, the investment in rentals, staffing, snowmaking, spatulas to flip the burgers, payroll, snowmaking, groomers, the gas for the groomers, payroll, budgets, bottom lines, certifications, benefits, and again, that damn budget, need I say more?

Don’t own one, ski one

look unless your made of money, then don’t buy a mansion on a taco bell budget, there have been successful stories but trying one of them is like more like winning the lottery, if you want to go for it do it, but just take into account all of the factors, that play in, and we didn’t even get into lift maintenance and safety, so go enjoy your local resort, owning one is a nightmare…. Let alone running one, hopefully you’ll now have an appreciation of every part you visit to your local resort…..


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