Ski Resort Restrooms, The Real Downhill

Picture this, maybe your out in the parking lot an hour early, or maybe you drove 2 hours to to the resort that day, you could have been pounding beers in the lot, sipping mimosas, or getting that extra large coffee, well what goes in must come out, in searching we wonder where the restroom is, and 90% of the time it’s downstairs, we may wander with our gear on, layers and boots to take the the most dangerous part of the downhill, navigating down the double black diamond staircase to the restroom, clinging onto a metal or wood railing for dear life, we hope not to slip, fall, get injured, or the worst of all, make a mistake, as others travel uphill on the other side, like skiing under a lift we want to make sure our downhill looks good and not to “slip up”, but here we are in 90% of ski resorts in America where the damn pisser is downstairs.

So What is The Design Behind This?

So the other day, I was at my home resort, buying my 30.00 hot dog and fries because I did not bring my blackstone that day, and printed signs all over the lodge said “restrooms are located downstairs” so it got me thinking to a twitter ski chat I was in where peeps were discussing the bathrooms at ski resorts, and some of them you walked that long metal staircase to the dreaded ski pisser dungeon. The science behind it, I have no clue, so why did I name this paragraph “the science behind it” it’s a ridiculous article to write! I honestly think there is no science behind it, except for engineering for what worked at the time. Most lodges are many years old, where using the restroom was more discreet compared to opening both vehicle doors and letting loose in the parking lot, or on the sides of the most heavily wooded trails, whats acceptable then changes to what is acceptable now. Notable mountains with the pisser on the first floor, Liberty, Cannon, Black Mtn NH, Bear Creek, Jack Frost, Waterville Valley, Whaleback, Arizona Snowbowl, Shawnee PA, Blue Mtn PA, Jack Frost, Big Boulder, I may have left out a ton, I’m surprised I even remembered them, but when when you find a good pisser, you remember it.

In Closing

It’s funny because it’s true, why write this article? Because it’s not only true, it’s funny as shit, I don’t know what the science behind it is, but new lodge rebuilds tell a different story, they put the pisser on the first floor, if that isn’t customer service, I don’t know what the fuck is, I’ll leave you with that…….


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