Hoodie skrexmedia.com, Shades pitvipershades.com, hat skibumpodcast.com

So here I come the “Jerry” that skis 5 days a year and comes to trash your mountain and halt your good time, taking up your parking, and taking over your home mountain, wearing a hoodie, pit viper shades and my hat backwards, as I make my way at to liftline at a ”snooty resort” I get looks like ”I don’t belong” ”indy pass trash loading”, now look I certainly ski more then 5 days a year, and a multiple pass holder, so for the non-believers, let me make this point, as a skier family of 5, the indypass makes sense when we ski in March, compared to the over 2000.00 we spend on epic passes, but also this was the kids first time out, the truth is, you forgot where you came from, were you laying down beautifully carved lines the first time you skied? were you perfect? the answer is no. So suck it buttercup, indypass moves in…

You Ruined My Resort!

Hey, ok we certainly didn’t mean to upset you after all you own the place right? Wrong, we get two days to ski your home mountain, pardon f’n me we interrupted your usual gangbang of skiers and parking lot apres, we certainly are not trash, we maybe a passionate group, and yes there maybe some unrully people, but trash is a harsh word, you know there maybe some people that cannot afford to ski “your” mountain on a daily basis, there are families that struggle, but yet we call them ”jerry’s” but yet all these families want is to ski with their children, all that my friends want is to ski with me, and I want is the bias to stop, but it continues, as we make skiing less affordable, and less acceptable to people, thats what we do, and we don’t even realize it. Division in skiing by class is the same as divide and conquer itself, it is you are superior, your are better, and you are the best. Look to your right and left, are you the best skier on the mountain? yea didn’t think so, before you judge next time, have a look around…

Ski Family

We are one

The indypass gives those an opportunity at a ski area that would otherwise be areas that would otherwise be obsolete, i’m sorry we invaded your precious space oh so God to the mountains, but here we are, #indypass trash, relax we are here for two days, thanks for making us feel uncomfortable, thanks for giving us dirty looks, and thanks for talking shit, because we skied circles around you anyway, with our crappy 2 year old skis, our family, and best of all, ”our love for the sport” you lost your soul if you feel this did’t hit you in the chest, but then again, this is “skiing with no filter” does it really look like I give a fuck? I don’t, ski well friends….””

Elk Mountain, pa

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