Skiing; Don’t Take Yourself too Seriously

Myself and the Mighty CEO of @skirexmedia

You know most of us learn from lessons and within those lessons we developed our own style, our own toolbox and our own instincts of what to do and what not to do, we know the ins and outs and the rules, but who doesn’t love to break rules? I am a born rule breaker, what applies to me, but may not apply to everyone else, by an instructor who taught pizza slice to french fry, by the tight asses with physics angles, I had to figure it out on my own, I had to learn to love it not complicate it, I had to have fun with it, not to say all ski instructors are bad but some of you need to get off that serious soap box and teach people how to ski, not angles not physics come on man people want to ski, when my girlfriend skied for the first time, and instructor butted in and was like what are you teaching her? Told her go get lessons from a professional, well, just because you got that PSIA cert doesn’t mean your qualified to give your personal opinion. I’m a certified Network Technician, do you see me re-wiring the internet?

Skiing is Fun

I’m not saying don’t take lessons, please do, but get what you pay for, as an instructor you have the influence to make the first impression, and unfortunately most don’t, and let’s face it, a 40hr course and a certification does not make you a professional, it makes you capable, it does not mean you have the personality to match. Ouch I know, but again😤

The Fam

What Every Instructor Wants to see is the Happy Face

If your not happy with who you have, get to that Ski School desk and get with somebody you click with, seriously, you have to click or your just going to get frustrated, and thats not cool, My first instructor I clicked with, and I was on those greens at 10 by myself within 2 hours, so either you as an instructor make the impression fun or you make it about book terms, mine was about fun, I’m still skiing, my cousin got a bookworm, he quit second year in

@sprintnski on twitter and peeps having fun

Make the Experience Fun, as Should Be

Come on ski instructors you got this, you visit the days you were taught and had fun, and in your mind as the skier know safety, and know the commit to the downhill, once you do you will be free keep at it, you will get there, from steeps to parks to clinics, sign up, skiing will set you free if it’s what you want to do, the wrong teacher will have you in your head, I’ll leave you with a clip of the first two hours of my step kids skiing, it’s a mindset, and it needs to be safe and fun, so set the mark, and do it.

Donavin and Wyatt
Donavin and Wyatt having fun as they shoul

Skiing is Fun, and I’ll leave you with that…..

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