My Home Mountain, Bear Creek Mountain Resort in PA

Walking into the Entrance Straight to the slopes at Bear Creek

Well I’ll keep the history of Bear Creek simple, it’s always been local, so no need to explain there it started out at Rittenhouse Gap Mines in the 1800’s, in 1967 it opened as a ski area known as Doe Mountain, had a T-Bar, a Rope two and two trails, in 1999 they changed ownership and it was re-branded Bear Creek Mountain Resort and Conference Center boasting 23 trails and 7 lifts

over 330 acres with a very much needed upgrade to everything, still keeping and old ski area charm with top notch ammenties, such as year round activities, hotel, indoor and outdoor heated pool, too notch dining, and events, as well as that old lodge feel with a modern look🥶🤟

Why Here Rob🤷‍♂️ 23 Trails, are you nuts🤷‍♂️

This is as local gets, We are not going to talk statistics because unless your frick’n Cody Towsend, I don’t want to hear about your perfect line, and this isn’t f’n twitter so shut it🤬 We are talking supporting a local mountain, and why is that important to support these places? Because this is the place where people learn and advance, what it lacks in terrain, it will surely make up for in Charm and Challenge, you’ll be hard pressed to find out of state plates in this parking lot, few and far between, and I wouldn’t have it any other way….

Bear Creek Presidents Day Weekend 2019

So this shot does not due the mountain much justice, but realize I was pretty far away, it was busy, but as you travel the route 100 corridor, you see it in the distance, a glimpse, the anticipation of something epic, something local, something special, you travel these winding backroads wondering where the mountain is, and then you see the sign, turn in, and it suddenly appears before your eyes, the heart races a little faster, the knuckles on the steering wheel get lighter in color, you just know what kind of welcome you’ll get here, and the whole vibe of the place is bliss, as you approach your walk towards the locker, the friendly staff, welcomes you, ski school and patrollers all over the mountain, best part, never met a rude or unfriendly person there, never, you feel as if your part of the family, a skiing and riding family, from beginner to expert, all ski it from beginner to expert they have you covered, what it lacks in vert, it will surely give the expert a run on sasquatch, a 50% slope, or how about a narrow icy chute on extreme, or the bumps on grizzly, bored? Take a hike to the Timberline Race trail, Park Rider? No problem two parks, snowmaking and night skiing? Yep no problem 100% any other questions?

Ok I’m interested, but what else, wutcha got?

Because Bear Creek sits in the lower lehigh valley, prone to warm ups, and refreezes, this terrain is challenging from day to day, you’ll never know what to expect, I was here on a pow day during a 14 inch dump in the nor’easter of 2018, it was me and 20 other people on the mountain, close die hards, man it was epic, who doesn’t love a pow day, far and few between in the east, I’ll take it, now this place does not have alot of vert, but challenging terrain yessssss, drop off the cliff at Sasquatch, or ski the bumps on Grizzly, or late season ski the bumps on Sasquatch😳😮 oh no they didn’t, oh yes they did😮🤟, go racing two nights a week on timberline, hear the music the hoots, see the high 5’s, during night skiing, locals at their best, truly the vibe is one to be had near any other resort.

#skiwife about to take the plunge on Sasquatch a 50% slope, just jump in🥶🤟

Ok Rob good for you, a local what does that have to do with anything🤷‍♂️

While others flock to nearby resorts I tend to flock here, why, in 2017, I heard my brother a big mountain skier say you should try Doe Mountain, I always loved it there, best night skiing hands down, I searched I found, then I found even better, Bear Creek, as being from airport to airport flying all over the US over the years, I was stoked at that fact I would be home, bought a season pass, and abused it at this place, I see people wanting to learn, people wanting to ski and ride, people of every race all having one thing in common, snow. What a beautiful place the world can be when everybody gets along, it also has an over 70 ski club, yep those guys still hitting those steeps and those bumps, respected now, but snubbed earlier by me, from traveling I became a #snowsnob, look at all I was missing out on, I met a family from the Netherlands, people from Australia, all over the world here, they love the small mountain local feel, so when it comes down to it in the end, all about local, and that is where my heart has been since, you ski your big lines, you do a backflip off of the windlip, but you can’t replace the vibe that the locals have here at Bear Creek, from snowmobile races, to pond skims, the crazy east coast reigns. And the terrain parks are sick🥶🤟, they other resorts around me, don’t have the vibe this place has, and gets me going just to rip it every run.

A little Apres’ after a long day on the slopes

So what is Local my Friend🤷‍♂️ Sounds like a typical ski resort🤷‍♂️

well no it’s not, look I am not going to get into evert little detail of the operation, you can read the press releases, I will tell you this mountain is one for its followers, locals, and community, it has supported many inner city programs, as well as adaptive programs, it has introduced people to a world when then was none for them, Covid-19 response was limit passholder sales, ski and stay sales, and day sales, everybody wins, and it kept it’s programs for the youth, a vital part of a continuing operation, besides local and community support, enjoy the summer events like “music under the stars” or this winter enjoy the deck with the food truck, evermore, enjoy your day on the slopes, if any east coast resort deserves this much attention, then hands down, Bear Creek it is……..

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