The Return to Jack Frost Mountain

The Entrance to the Jack Frost🤷‍♂️ wtf does it look like🤷‍♂️

This mountain is important to me, why you ask, well, we’ll have to go back a wee bit, so directly across from Jack Frost is Split Rock Resort, at about the age of 10, I learned how to ski there, one two rope, one lift two trails, I picked it up fast, my parents were not skiers, they grew up in south philly, my pops a drill Sargent in the marines, outdoor lover, he would introduce us to a getaway, something special, something greater then us, something greater then city life, the pocono mountains. His dream was to always have a second home here, he always wanted to ski, but never did, (probably cause my strong Italian mom didn’t let him) but he got us lessons at split rock, which is no longer a ski resort, but its where I learned to ski, and my siblings and cousins, who were at the youngest 10 years older then me, always skied across the road at Jack Frost, I often wondered what was to behold over there, I would ski and ski and ski, until pops said the magical words, “ I think your ready to join your brothers, sister and cousins at Jack Fost” 😳🥶🤟⛷ the words I have been waiting for, my stoke level was plus 10, I will finally get to ski with the big guys, and all at Jack Frost, we had an A Frame mountain house 10 mins away, skiing was to be mine, skiing was my destiny……….

My First Experience at Jack Frost

The summit at one park and some dude who decided to photobomb the mother fucker🤷‍♂️

So Jack Frost is one of the few mountains where you actually drive to the summit, and park there, and your first run is really your first run no chairlift needed. Surrounded by my brother, a big mountain skier, my cousins and family all at the min about 10 years older then me, they were like you ready? I was stoked, we crossed the golden arches of Jack Frost Mountain, go to the ticket window, get the ticket, and boom, I’m in surrounded by a family 10 deep, I learned to parallel ski, jibs, jab’s, jumps, it was fucking epic, following my family, we even shared a beer on the chair lift, when they were independent they had a 50 gallon drum with plywood wings where you can drop your empty cans off before you got off the lift😳🤟, man I was in heaven, I got to ski with the big boys and girls, I kept up, learned alot from following them, and the best part, my ski day tackling the diamonds, a nod from brother in his 250 dynastar’s and we were off….. well I was on my ass alot, but hey I made it down, props or nah……..

Still in all its Glory

What the fuck Rob you geared up for an avalanche🤷‍♂️ Is that a beacon in your pocket or you just happy to see me😳😜

So with covid brought a blessing in disguise, no airports, no out west, no nothing, just some good ole’ home skiing, and the best part was where it all began, I’m not gonna give you mountain stats or anything else, it doesn’t matter, well Vail owns this once independent mountain, but the nostalgia is still there, 50 cents per locker, yep two quarters, honestly the place has not changed in 30 years, and I would not have it any other way…… I lived 10 minutes from this mountain for most of my life, and i’m happy not to see changes, but also unhappy not to see upgrades to lifts etc… and we all know I am an epic pass holder who hates Vail, but that’s another story……

Me @kendallehman and @sprintnski opening weekend

So How was it

I thought the opening weekend vibe would be different this year, but it wasn’t, still, white knuckle driving to first chair had me stoked, I was going to the place where it all began, where it most likely will end, and where I am forever grateful to have skied and learned, there is something special to be had at your home mountains, never forget them, never doubt them, never snub them, they made you who you are today…………

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