Big Snow American Dream

Skiing and Snowboarding during a Pandemic and how the only open Resort In the US is operating

Featured left to right Twitter Ski Friend @sprintnski The guy on the right with the nice hair is me Rob, twitter @tech_rob insta @robg_ski, the “skier” shirt and hat available for purchase at The mask I am wearing can be found on the website, all the other shit Idk🤷‍♂️ The entrance to Big Snow

So as Resorts have tried to re-open, many have not had the success Big Snow American Dream has had except Timberline on MT Hood, yea I know there were others that opened, calm down, and just listen this ain’t f’n twitter, it‘s my blog and I am going to tell you how they reopened in times of pandemic okay? Cool🥶🤟

In front of the terrain park at Big Snow, what gave it away the sign behind me that said the park, huh, good call out

So what is it like skiing and riding indoors

I know it’s indoor this, indoor that, there is no steeps, it’s not a real mountain, blah, blah, blah, well let me paint the picture and you can decide for yourself. So the announcement came from NJ that malls were allowed to open, I patiently waited for the announcement and boom my skier twitter buddy @skirexmedia hit me up, Big Snow is opening Sept 1st, I rushed to my computer texted my boarder friend #skiwife no not my wife, idk🤷‍♂️ She likes to be called that ask her, she is like look the third homie, I was like sweet🥶🤟 the stoke was real, 6 months off snow, I needed this skiing was my outlet, I am never so happy and free when I am skiing, yea I know move it long🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️, but seriously, a sufferer of depression, and at one point crippling anxiety, whenever i’m on snow I am confident, I have no fear, no anxiety, No nothing, You’ll be glad to know that I have overcome most of it, but it creeps in from time to time but I’m not having it, none of that shit will ruin me ever again.

The Stoke Begins

We know what these are ……..lift lines 🤔 I wonder if I gave it away by taking the pic of lift lines 🤔

So you gonna tell us or what?

Alright, Alright, moving along, sheesh, so I rushed to my laptop, booked for Sept 3rd, I received a QR confirmation, don’t worry if you lose it they can look you up, It’s 1pm on Friday Sept Third, I pull up to Lauren’s house 15 mins early, she is yelling at me telling me “ I knew you would be f’n early” give me 5, I was like ok, threw her board and shit into the car and we off 1 hour and 40 mins away from being back on snow, despite being 90 degrees out with like 90 percent humidity yuk, anyway, my car has a twin scroll turbo, I am flying to the place, it’s. Friday, reservation was for 1PM, 5 mins away we see the NY city skyline, and what else do we see, the massive slope extending from the building, aww shit was about to get real fast. We arrive in the parking lot in basically gym clothes, we enter into this beautiful vestibule and just follow other skiers and riders up 2 stories of escalators and arrive at some cool colored signs and saw those two words “Big Snow”

Inside look of the lodge of Big Snow American Dream

Tell us already how was it dammit🤬

Alright sheesh i’m getting there🤷‍♂️So anyway, we arrive now I have been there 4 times, so the refined operation is smooth now, so you got your QR code? Get it ready, they scan it, take your temp, Whew, passed that, now put you in a waiting line, cool, almost there, they take you back in small groups, lets say 6 to 10, they one at a time bring you to get you to get your RFID wristband, they activate it, you are escorted to the lockers, only use a locker with sanitized sign and throw the card away, take a pic with your phone of your locker number, the lockers are locked by holding your RFID band up and press it on the locker button, here we are locked and loaded🥶🤟

Well tell us already i’m dying over here🤬

The intermediate slope at Big Snow American Dream

Alright shit here we go, so time starts when you scan your wristband and enter the slope, now it’s 28 degrees low humidity, but with no wind feels warm, I wore a jacket the first time, wore a Hoodie the next times, no wind, it feels great, my friend slams her board down, I slam my skies on the snow, click in, oh fuck yea, my heart flutters, i’m back on snow, 6 months of bullshit, and here I am the day I dreamed of, we take the 4 person express quad to the top as we make our first run, edge to edge, I start #dancing, not a steep slope but fuck it, back on snow, and the snow quality is buttery, nice dry flake, so cool, the rating of the slope is blue, and I think they are right, steeper blues in the east for sure out west, but I say it qualifies for now🤷‍♂️

So What was your first run like

Blue slope at Big Snow American Dream

Well shit you to get to the point?

Alright, shit, so I just point down the groomed fall line, honestly forgetting I was indoors, I didn’t care, I was back skiing my first and only love, 😳well that may ruin future relations😳 oh well anyway, shit my first time was great, 6 months off snow fuck yea, my only regret was not booking back to back sessions☹️ Honestly you forget your indoor🥶🤟

What do they have?

They have a terrain park, blue run and a green run, no ski gear, no problem, rent a snow day package, they include rentals, and gear, have your own shit, buy a single day ticket, can you buy two? Yes you can buy 2 2 hour sessions, go back to the ticket counter and remember to recode your locker with the new RFID band, if doing multiple sessions book them 15 mins apart, your time starts when you scan in, and ends 2 hours pass that time, and yes they have check points, don’t try to cheat, you will be caught, They have snow bikes, instructors, And ski patrol, you must wear your face covering properly, or they will call you out, you only ride the lift with your party, and your only allowed be with the party you came with, there is no food or beverage except for water bottles, but shit man, I was back on snow, F‘It

So how fun was it, anything else we need to know?

Look man, you forget your indoor, your on snow, the first time was with Lauren, the second time was me, the third time was with my twitter ski buddy @sprintnski, have your Qr code ready twice, be prepared for temp checks, and 6ft social distancing, Very strict enforcement.

In the end?

A look from the bottom of the blue slope

The Re-cap

So in a nutshell, book two sessions 15 mins apart, I did this the third time I went, bring your gear and its 34.99 for a two hour session, great place to practice, Knock the rust off, The Terrain Park is cool with the upper progression park, and skinny rails and jumps your session starts when you enter the slope, cleaning and Sanitizing a main focus, masks or face coverings mandatory, Bring your chairlift snacks, no food or beverage available, except water, temp checks and masks mandatory, my first time I wore a surgical mask, it fell apart, use a cloth mask and bring more then one, most of all, enjoy, your back on snow🥶🤟

5 thoughts on “Big Snow American Dream

  1. Was a blast skiing with you on Saturday at big snow. You are not alone. Skiing. Even indoors is a stress reliever. Let’s hope for a great winter. Hopefully outdoors.


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