Featuring the One of the East Coast Die Hards, Skiing with one of the EC best I Introduce you to Scooter

Left to Right, @kendall,ehman, insta @Rs3lissa, then me @tech_rob then @skirexmedia then the best damn skier on the east coast @sprintnski Mr. Scooter

So how did I meet this elusive EC skier🤷‍♂️

If anybody knows me, I surround myself with people more inspiring then me, or better then me, it’s how I live my life, so “Scooter” AKA on twitter and insta as @sprintnski we met on twitter, he was one of my earliest followers, not that he tweets a lot but I do, we would tweet each other from the chairlift, he is also from PA, he is from central Pa not the North East where I am close too, but we had one thing in common, yup snow, well two actually race cars and snow, but this is a ski blog so we’ll keep it to snow🤣

The Meet Up

So after the lockdown the opened Big Snow American Dream on Sept 1st 2020 left is Scooter the Right is me skier hat and shirt you can find at skibumpodcast the rest of the shit look it up🤣🤦‍♂️

So I first met Scooter at a dirt track race not too far from me, he had an RV dogs, loved to travel, but most of all he loved his days on snow, we could talk about snow for hours, I met his wife, his dogs, his Dad also a skier, and the best Dad ever, nickname “Pop’s” Scoot, had so many days in for a Pa ski season, I thought I got a lot of days in, he killed it, in his own words “ If you can find anybody in Pa that skis more days in Pa then I, then by all means” PA has a short ski season, even shorter where here is, where I always get the lead, most resorts open by late November, where the mountains by him are not fully open until late January.

The first meet up

He said “ dude did you take lessons you got a pretty good form” then I videoed him……
Racer Form

So I first got to ski with Scooter at Big Snow American Dream, America’s first and only indoor ski resort, and it was a blast, it was a chilly Oct morning, we both thought #winteriscoming, we had a blast as we went from 60 degrees to 28 degrees, but that was just practice what was to truly come was on the mountain, and little did I know the #1 rule “never follow Scooter”

The Mountain

So I arrive at Roundtop Mountain Pa, the apres mecca of PA, first chair and the smell of eggs and bacon, we unload from the lift to variable conditions, Scooter just rips it, me a little more cautious, hey I have a rod and screws in my leg🤷‍♂️ But still admiring the conditions, Scoot fucking rips it, snow guns on, moguls, whatever, I was amazed at the ability, he shared with me “I wanted to rip moguls, so on the chairlift I watched youtube videos of people people ripping moguls” here is a guy that studied snow sports to the extreme to perfect his technique, I admire that.

The 20-21 ski season

So I got a ski condo at Cannon Mountain NH for a week turns out he was up there a week before and stayed with me the next week a few days, I got to ski with the real Scooter untamed, he skied shit I would think twice about, I followed him sometimes, and said “what the fuck was that” he stated “you forgot rule #1 never follow “Scooter” and no shit he was right, but I learned to take chances and enjoy myself, do things I never would have done, and take me out of my comfort zone to be better

The New Hampshire Trip

This trip opened my eyes to many things, but I thought I loved snow, what I learned was there was one person in the world that perhaps loved snow more then me, that is Scooter, from taming “upper wildcat” to doing “ Make a Wish” skiing 102k vert, yea he is my hero 4 sure, and his attitude keeps me alive in this world of hate, we have here a sense of love, one love, snow, and i’ll leave you with that……..

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