Here we go again, the waiting game….

Me Rob “waiting for winter”

As resorts across the east coast continue to drop one by one, the anxiety and doom for me creeps in, a mind filled just weeks ago of whoots, hollers, and high fives, fireball shots, a season filled with parking lot apres, good friends old and new, and one last tour in New Hampshire, I knew what I would return too, I watched the weather report back home, as I sat in my car at Cannon Mountain where it was -2 degrees with -30 degree windchills, knowing I would only return home to most likely not skiing my home resorts. Reality sets in, if I’m gonna go for it, this is it, make it a week to remember, and surely New Hampshire delivered on the goods, but what started off as powder days, quickly turned to rain on the last day, a slight reminder to what was to come, 30 years of skiing on the east coast, you would think I go through this enough that it’s just a way of life, but for some of us bitten by the “snowbug” letting go is harder then it seems……

The Season Couldn’t have ended Better

View From the Base of the #thelegend Cannon Mountain, NH

While most people thought this season would happen, but would most likely suck, I never once believed that, I knew whatever restrictions were in place were just fine, Big Snow American Dream for me was a test run, as America’s only indoor ski and ride resort, They re-opened on Sept 1st 2020, and I was there 2 days later and the long weekend of labor day weekend, skiing and taking notice of covid operations, thinking yep, resorts will be just fine, and as I was on my last trip to New Hampshire, I couln’t help but recall my start of the season there, and where I was now, what a rad trip it was dude 4 sure🥶🤟

So How did You Send off the Season

The original gang of @skirexmedia Tim the Founder of @skirexmedia pictured in the yellow jacket with the stoke🥶🤟

This week was everything to us, and damn, it delivered, snowed all weekend, into day 4, tailgates, Indy Pass Resorts, old friends and new, we skied our asses off, even on some sketchy terrain Sunday, but the snow kept falling, as the bare spots at this resort began to cover up, and the trails playful again, we skied all week, until the last day, pretty much everybody left, it was pouring rain, as the fog set in, I stay on the lower half of Cannon Mountain, the snow was soft and playful, I return to my room, starting to pack no regrets, only that I didn’t stay longer. All smiles on the drive home the next morning as I drive away……..

Mount Washington the view from Wildcat Resort
Driving Away from Cannon Mt

So now what, are you going to do buy a mountain bike🤷‍♂️

I will never know why everybody’s answer to not skiing is a mountain bike, It just doesn’t do it for me, I don’t have the confidence on a mountain bike, that I have on skis, nor the skillset, I like to hike, run, and go to the gym, no bigger rushes for me, except one skiing, but how is that possible? For me it’s a dream come true….

Big Snow American Dream

Me Rob at Big Snow American Dream in New Jersey, honing those park skills😉🤟

Snow Sports 365 days a year in New Jersey

Hone those park skills, or race down the groomers all summer, show up in shorts and sandals, and go into a 28 degree dry flake paradise, take the quad to the top, park is on the right, and slopes on the left, knock the rust off, practice those park skills, Test a new pair of boots or skis, alot of people say it’s not a ski resort, Well you look at the pics and tell me, stoke and vibe is the same, no more summer blues for me, you’ll find me here until the mountains open again, but you will also find me traveling around to beaches and lakes from east to west, but the first place I return to is here, is the stoke real? Look for yourself…….

Left @sprintnski Right me Rob, Skier Hat and shirt find Mask find @skirexmedia

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