“Welcome to The Jerry Dome”

So everybody has their opinion on indoor skiing, I know you like that clickbait right? well, here is what I experienced with indoor ski domes, and one would think it’s just for Jerry’s right? Well not exactly, let’s take a look shall we?

America’s first Indoor Snowsports Palace

So as Big snow opened and closed, and open and opened and closed, there I was in for the wild ride, it was a 95 degree day on Labor Day weekend, Big Snow would opens it’s doors again after a pandemic and man would be a lesson in how all resorts would operate safely, but this isn’t a lesson in covid right? it’s a lesson on skis these places, and just so have it, I went there and never looked back, was it just a place for the so called Jerry’s? Was it a place for the expert? intermediate? or beginner? Well the answer is complicated and here is why.

So who’s it for🤷‍♂️ it has to be Jerry right? Nobody of my skill level would ever😑

Well it’s funny you asked, when Big Snow first reopened we saw and influx of expert skiers and riders flock to the indoor destination, while those new to the sport, were few and far between, then things opened, things got better, and then we saw a shift in ability level, the one thing positive I can bring about a pandemic was people rethought the way they lived, what they did, and did what they never had the chance to do, so one would think we have to weave in and out Jerry’s here on the first run, the fact is that all levels are there, hell a few months ago the Olympic Canadian ski racing team showed up, although one person was a dick who though they were more important then everybody else won’t name no names, but shit, your with all skill levels so suck it up, you ain’t a pro here bro, this is Jersey, they will bury ass and grind you up like a 1/2 pound of Ghabaghol. Those who know, will know🤦‍♂️🤣

So is the Snow Dome really the ”Jerry Dome”

Starting Left to Right, @kendalllehman, @robg_ski and @tech_rob on twitter, @brian k skiing, then @skibumpodcast then Brooke, then @sprintnski

So What I found was for the expert, you keep in shape, the transition is much easier, for the intermediate, you get your snow legs back, for the beginner, you get to hone your skills for the season, for the Jerry’s, well, you get to be ”Jerry” who is famous, the point being, be who want to be, do what you want to do, and feel great about it, all levels welcome, come join us, the fact of the matter is that we accept anybody from anywhere so bring it🥶🤟⛷

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