Some Skiers are Elusive, and This Local Skier is no exception…….

So while trolling twitter for ski content one day, I came across a post, the ice sounded familiar, the crunch sounded familiar, the trail looked familiar, I asked is that challenge @jfbb? She said “Well hi there PA fellow skier” I followed the perfect S turns down the mountain, I seen her before @jfbb but this is one of those elusive skiers, one that skis first chair, makes the turns and goes home, why ski alone I wonder, I mean we all have done it, but what was the reasoning, well as over a year I conversed with her, and and I found out bits and pieces of this skiers life, one would compare the elusiveness to Luke Smithwick or Ingemar Stenmark, hidden away from the spotlight, leading a very private life, what I would eventually find out is the person, not the profile………

Bear Creek Mountain Resort, top of “Black Bear” drop in🤟

So one day as we go back and forth Sherry says ok I’ll be on the mountain at 8:30 I am waiting, see her pull in, see the car, she gets out, deadhead plate on the frontend, she says “I haven’t skied with anybody in 20 years” me yea I was honored, we approach the lifts and start talking, and nothing but good vibes, if skiing with no filter was the title this was it, I will tell you what only what she has put online, former competitive swimmer, Cheerleader, and years long skier, we board the lift and start talking, the bubbly personality comes alive, we exit the lift and now ready to go down, now what???

Me at the Summit

Ok maybe it was time to take Sherry down the icy steeps, she’s a cruiser now because of multiple injuries, but damn she followed me down the icy chutes, proving that she still has it, sometimes leading the way, chairlift talks and snacks, leading the way into perfect s tuns, and to the elusive skier……..

Sherry Sunshine

We call her “Sherry Sunshine” because of her ability to bring to bring sunshine wherever she is, we talked about local mountains, not taking yourself too seriously, and if you think she has not skied with the best or doesn’t watch the FIS world cup, then your crazy, she may be elusive but not dead……..

Me at Bear Creek Mountain Resort

Well in ending, to make perfect S turns with this skier was an honor, if only you knew her, not a negative vibe in her body, but one cannot help her good vibes, while hidden accomplishments and a humble beginning elevate this skier on the local list, she will surely put the sunshine back in your day….

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